Large Carvings & Sculptures

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  • African Beauty

    African Beauty

    Beautiful ebony wood sculpture of a lady delicately engraved to detail.
  • The Senufo Royal Tribal Masks (Pair)

    The Senufo Royal Tribal Masks (Pair)

    Standing 6-feet tall, this most fascinating pair of the Senufo royal tribal masks will be the object of conversation in any room! Painstakingly handcrafted in Ghana from Mahogany wood.
  • Senufo Royal Tribal Masks - Wall Mounting

    Senufo Royal Tribal Masks - Wall Mounting

    Beautiful and delicately crafted pair of Senufo royal tribal masks. Painstakingly adorned with hand-designed metal embellishment to enhance the beauty of these carvings. Carved from Mahogany wood.
  • Motherhood


    An astonishing 2-D handcarving of an African mother carrying two babies, one on the back and another in her arms. Handcrafted from Osese wood.
  • The Palmwine Tapper

    The Palmwine Tapper

    3-D carving of a West African palmwine tapper. Handcrafted from Osese wood.
  • Working Mother

    Working Mother

    Extremely beautiful handcarving of the humble African nursing mother, returning from the day's labour. She is a farmer carrying her baby on her back. This beautiful carving was handcrafted in Gambia from Mahogany wood.
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  • Fire Dancer

    Fire Dancer

    An astonishing piece of Ebony wood carving of a man's head bust, the head designed as a pot of fire with a flame coming out of it. Fire-dancing is a skilled spiritual act in various parts of Africa.
  • Baobab tree

    Baobab tree

    Delicately hand-crafted out of Ebony wood by outstanding award-winning master craftsman. The Baobab tree recognised for its very thick and broad trunk, is surrounded by superstitions, mysteries and cultural myths in Africa. It is widely considered a life-sustaining tree with abundant good fortune around it.
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  • Dark Snake-Eagle Battle

    Dark Snake-Eagle Battle

    An exceptional piece, delicately handcrafted to the finest detail. Carved out of Teak wood and dyed to create the excellent two-tone coloration.
  • Falcon


    An intricately carved Falcon from one of West Africa's master carvers. A magnificent piece. Carved out of Teak wood.
  • Mermaid


    Meticuously crafted Ebony wood carving of a mermaid - a mystical creature of fantasy, believed in African mythology to really exist!
  • Snake-Eagle Battle

    Snake-Eagle Battle

    An exceptional piece, delicately handcrafted to the finest detail by one of West Africa's finest talents in carving. Carved out of Teak wood.
  • Nature's Own Beauty

    Nature's Own Beauty

    A simply outstanding Ebony wood carving of a tree with two branches, catapult shape. Faces have been intricately carved out of the tree trunk to the front and back.
These incredibly stunning sculptures are exclusive and unique creations, every meticulously crafted piece of outstanding sculpture is a one-off piece!