Sabar Drum Set

Sabar Drum Set

The Sabar, from the Serer people in origin is a traditional drum from the West African nation of Senegal (also played in the Gambia). It is generally played with one hand and one stick. Among its most renowned exponents is the Senegalese musician Doudou N'Diaye Rose. The sabar was used to communicate to other villages. The different rhythms correspond to phrases and could be heard for over 15 kilometres.  Sabar is also recognised as the style of music played while using this drum.

The main drum of the Senegalese M'balax, the sabar is a drum of more than a metre and is used to party! Its single head is beaten by the left hand while the right hand provides syncopation with a tiny stick. Lots of music and dances are based around the beat of these drums in West Africa, such as the highly charged dance "le ventilateur".

This 2-set kit comprises the Thiol (Choal) bass drum, and the m’beungbeung drums.  

Dimensions:  22-24cm x 66-68cm
Weight:  32kg


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